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Covid-19 Statement

Dear Friends,

We wanted to take a moment to let you know how ILNP is responding to the COVID-19 situation.

Our production and fulfillment units are operational at this time. Order processing has not been impacted however, it is possible that unexpected delays could occur. We’ll be certain to inform customers if this becomes the case.

Some measures we’ve taken:

  • Our office team has been allowed to work from home.
  • Sanitation measures and frequency have been increased significantly throughout the facility.
  • In addition to existing protective gear requirements, our production and fulfillment teams have implemented strict social distancing measures.
  • Employees that don’t feel well, aren’t sure if they’re not feeling well, or are overwhelmed with the situation have been encouraged to stay home to take care of the health and well-being of themselves as well as their families. They will be paid for this time off and it will not impact their existing sick, personal, or vacation time.
  • We have arranged private transportation, at no cost, for all ILNP employees that relied upon public transportation. We’ve strongly encouraged them to take advantage of this arrangement whenever necessary – even if it’s unrelated to work.

Since hiring our first employee several years ago, ILNP has grown to become a small and very close family. While we may be working now, the uncertainty of everything is taking a toll on some of our people and their families at home. In response to this, we’re doing all we can to help support them directly through this difficult time.

We remain optimistic about the future while at the same time treating the current reality very seriously. Rest assured, the health and well-being of both our team and our customers will always come first.


Barbra Salet
Founder, ILNP Cosmetics

March 23, 2020

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