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From a hobby to a passion, our journey has led us to you. From first click to first coat, and everything in between.

A catalog of endless color at your fingertips. All yours, to have and to hold. Everything you hoped for — delivered.

Each stroke adds life to your canvas. Every bit of sparkle, precisely in place. Perfection.

And when it’s time to feel brand new again, We’ll always be here, to make sure everything is perfect, just for you.

— ILNP Family

Why we’re here

We’re here to help you turn your nails into tiny masterpieces. Like you – we believe that using our nails is the perfect way to share a bit of who we are with the world. Our goal is to share this journey with you, whenever you need us, giving you the tools, support, and inspiration to find the sparkle in your everyday life.

Our Northstar

We strive to create wonderful experiences for our customers. Moments in time that are memorable, for all the right reasons. By following our North Star, we’re able to connect with our customers and help guide them to their very own perfect moments.

Since the first bottle sold we’ve wanted to deliver more than just a nail polish — we want to leave a lasting impression on the customer. One that wows them and confirms they made the best decision when they chose us.

Our customers trust us to bring them a little slice of joy, and it is our job to ensure they receive it - from product to service.

Our North Star isn’t something mysterious or far away - it’s you, our customer. You’ve always shown us the way. We owe it all to you and we promise to never let you down, leave you stuck with something you don’t absolutely love, or take you for granted.

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