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Our Process

When it comes to design and production, our process hasn’t changed much. Since day one, our standard has revolved around aiming for perfection and delivering a wonderful experience to our customers - from first click to first coat.

Let’s take a look into how the magic happens!

1 Finding inspiration and vision

Finding inspiration for a product or collection can be a little tricky at times. Thankfully, the world around us is always ready to inspire as long as we’re willing to listen. From photos to nature, emotions to scents, memories to music, it’s there just waiting to be noticed.

The right inspiration opens doors, energizes, and excites us. It leads us to a vision that becomes clearer and clearer the more that we pour ourselves into it.

The challenge we face at this stage is determining if we can take this vision and turn it into something real.

2 Laying a foundation

Once we believe we’re onto something, we get to work laying a foundation that we can build upon. This involves lots of brainstorming, color swatching, and mood boards as well a lot of rejecting, reorganizing, and refining.

There’s so much to take into consideration when thinking about what we want to achieve and whether or not it accurately represents the vision:

  • What finishes should be included in this collection? Should they all be uniform or can we have a bit of fun?
  • Are these colors just right? Do they really represent the vision? Do they look good together? Is the color palette complete or are we missing something?
  • What kind of sparkle does it need? Strong? Subtle? Holographic? Metallic? Shimmer? Does it even need a sparkle?
  • How does this work as a Winter shade? Maybe we need to hold off on this one until Spring.
  • How does it look indoors in warm lighting? Outdoors in the sun? In the office?

The questions and possibilities seem endless at times but it truly is a labor of love. Once we decide on a color palette and effect properties, we gather all our notes and considerations and move onto design!

3 Designing with balance and dedication

Here, we take everything we put together and begin the design process. One by one, prototypes are created, rejected, refined, rejected, and refined.

Sometimes it takes us close to a hundred attempts and a 180 degree turn before we can bring a vision to life in a way that we feel is accurate. Where some might see a prototype and think it’s good enough, we’re never satisfied unless every aspect is perfect - even if that means having to tweak a formula for months or come back to it years later.

The balance that we’re after has to be aesthetically and emotionally pleasing, with every bit of detail meticulously in place, contributing to the vision.

Like the satisfaction and comfort you get from a home cooked meal. There’s way more to it than just a recipe, there’s love.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way because we believe good design comes from the heart, always.

4 Evaluating it all together

We’ve managed to get all the shades within the collection to be just right but we can’t get too attached just yet. One of the hardest things we have to do is step back from our labor of love and make sure that everything truly works together.

As much as we want them to, sometimes certain things just don’t work - the vision gets lost in translation, color pairings don’t work together well, or we just wake up one day with more clarity and don’t like something anymore. Other times amazing polishes are born but we have to hold off on releasing them because they aren’t quite right for this specific vision.

Whatever the issue is, we can always feel when something is off. The only thing to do is to go back to the drawing board and search for answers, even if that means starting all over again.

We know what we want and we’ll spend as long as it takes nurturing ideas and trying to crack the code to bring them to life.

5 Total control

Half the battle is designing the polishes, the other half is making them and delivering them to our customers.

We don’t believe that anyone will care for our polishes and customers the way that we do which is why we do everything in-house. From design, to formulation, to manufacturing, to shipping - we handle it all from our own facility here in Las Vegas.

We’re a bit like a fashion house, but for nail polish.

We don’t rely on outside labs or contract manufacturers to create and produce our products because we simply don’t trust anyone to have the same standards we do. It’s always been like this for us and it always will be.

6 Being there

One of the most important things to Barbra was that people truly loved the polishes they received.

From day one, we never wanted to leave a customer stuck with something they didn’t absolutely love. It’s our job to ensure our customers receive the best of what we have to offer and most importantly - that what they receive was exactly what they were hoping for as well.

We know shopping online can be tricky and on those occasions when we miss the mark, we make sure to give the customer their money back. Even if we have to take a loss it’s okay, it’s all part of a simple and fair process that helped us get to where we are today.

To us, focusing on giving our customers a safe place that they can trust to find unique polishes that brighten up their day has been critical to our success.

We’re not here for transactions, we’re here for you.

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