Shipping Information (US, Canada & International)

Shipping Methods
All orders are shipped by USPS First Class or Priority mail.

Delivery Time
According to the USPS website, domestic packages typically take between two to three business days to be delivered.

As of right now, international shipping is available, however, we are unable to provide accurate estimates on delivery time. International customers typically receive their orders within 7 to 14 business days but some orders have taken as long as 20 BUSINESS DAYS.

Tracking numbers for international packages are provided, however, the tracking information provided by the USPS does not update after the parcel has left the United States. This means that the last update you will see about your package before you receive it will be that it has departed the United States. Unfortunately, we have no control over this and will not be able to provide you with any additional information about the whereabouts of your packages.

Longer delays are typically due to the receiving country’s customs and import processes.

We kindly ask that all international customers wait at least 20 BUSINESS DAYS before contacting us regarding a missing package.

Free Shipping
For information on free shipping, please refer to the free shipping FAQ page by clicking here.

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